If you are having trouble activating your BI Connector (either Desktop or Server Edition) due to a network issue such as Proxy authentication/firewall, you can request an offline license activation for BI Connector.  

The steps provided in this article are applicable from the BI Connector v5.0 and above. For the versions from 3.3 to 4.11, please refer to this article.

Below are the steps to follow for activating the license offline in BI Connector versions 5.0 and above:

Step 1: Search for ODBC on your Windows PC and it will bring up the ODBC Data Sources.

Step 2: Launch ODBC Data Sources (64-bit).

Step 3: Select the OBIEE DSN that you had configured earlier and click Configure... to launch the BI Connector UI.

Select DSN and click configure

Step 4: In BI Connector UI, click on the Activate License icon.

click the key icon 

Step 5: Enter the required information, and the license key in the appropriate fields. Then, check the Enable offline activation checkbox.

Note: Please enter a valid work email in the email field. For invalid/personal emails, the response file (in the step 8) will not be generated.

Step 6:  Click the Generate offline activation file button, to generate the offlineActivationRequest.json. Save the file to the local machine.

BI Connector generate offline activation file

Note: While saving the "offlineActivationRequest.json" file, please do not overwrite the "BI Connector.config" file (if exists) save it as a different file.

Step 7:  Now a message with a link as indicated below will be displayed. Click on the link.

BI Connector offline activation file generated

Step 8: In the URL (https://www.biconnector.com/offline-license-activation/) that opens up in your web browser, click "Choose file" and upload the offlineActivationRequest.json file (which was generated in step 6.

Step 9: Click Activate.

Step 8: If the offlineActivationRequest.json file is valid, the ResponseFile.dat file will be generated.

Step 9: Now, in BI Connector Activate License UI, Click the Browse button and upload the ReponseFile.dat file that was generated in the previous step.

BI Connector browse the location of response file

Step 10: Click Activate button to activate the license.

BI Connector response file location updated

A message, "Activation successful.", as indicated below will be displayed to confirm the offline license activation.

BI Connector confirmation message for successful offline activation

If you have any questions or issues activating the license, contact us at support@biconnector.com or file a ticket at our support portal. We are just a click away.