How to deactivate BI Connector license offline?

Modified on Mon, 31 Aug 2020 at 07:55 AM

From BI Connector v5.0 and above, the users can deactivate and release a license key from a machine themselves, for reactivating in a new machine.

Note: You need to deactivate a license online if it was activated online. Similarly, you need to deactivate a license offline if it was activated offline.

Please refer to this article to deactivate a license online.

Please follow the below steps to deactivate a license offline:

Step1: Open the ODBC Administrator 64-bit console.

ODBC administrator 64-bit console

Step2: Select a DSN that was configured using the BI Connector Driver, and click Configure.

Select DSN and click configure

Step3: In BI Connector UI, click on Activate License icon.  

click the key icon

Step4: The BI Connector Activate License window opens up, then click the Deactivate button. Make sure to enable the "Enable offline activation" checkbox.

click deactivate

Now the OfflineDeactivationRequest.json file will be generated. Save the file to the local machine. 

Step5: Now a message as in the below screenshot with a link will be displayed. Just click the link provided at the end of the message.

click the link

Step6: In the URL ( that opens up in your web browser, click "Choose file" and upload the OfflineDeactivationRequest.json file from your local machine.

Click choose file

Step7: Click Deactivate.

Click deactivate

Step8: The message "Deactivation Successful." as shown in the below screenshot will be displayed to confirm the deactivation of the license offline.

Deactivation successful

You have successfully deactivated a license from the existing machine now! Please go ahead and reactivate the license in the new machine.

Note: If you want to deactivate any previously activated license key from the particular machine, you need to reactivate the particular license key in that machine, then try to deactivate the license key.

If you have any questions or issues while deactivating the license, contact us at or file a ticket at our support portal. We are just a click away.