How to activate/update License Activation Key in BI Connector

Modified on Mon, 13 May at 10:37 PM

If your current License key expired and you renewed your license key or if you would like to activate a new license key,  please find below the steps to activate the license key. 


If your PC does not have internet access, then you need to do a manual activation of BI Connector.
Please refer the steps here, if you're using 4.10 or above.

In case of renewal, the license reactivation will happen automatically if your existing build version is 5.5 (or above), and your existing activation is not an offline activation.

1.   Search for ODBC in your Windows PC and it will bring up the ODBC Data Sources

2.   Launch ODBC Data Sources (64-bit).
Important note:  If you're activating the license on the Tableau Server/Bridge (or) Power BI Gateway machine, it is good to Run the ODBC as Administrator, this is done by right-clicking on the ODBC Data Sources (64-bit) and selecting Run as Administrator.

ODBC Data Sources

3.   Select the OBIEE DSN that you configured earlier and click Configure to launch the BI Connector UI.

4.  In BI Connector UI, click on Activate License icon.

5.  If you are renewing the license, use the same license key and click Activate.  If you have purchased a new license, enter the new License Activation Key and click Activate. 

Note: If you are using offline activation please refer the following article: How to activate BI Connector License offline. 

6.  Your new license key will be activated through our online activation service.  You are all set.