How to generate a clean set of BI Connector log files for troubleshooting?

Modified on Fri, 19 Jun 2020 at 12:02 AM

If you're using BI Connector version 4.8 or above, you may also refer this article for generating the log files.

For other BI Connector versions, please follow the step by step instructions below to generate the log files:  

1. Close Tableau or Power BI or Qlik.   

    Note: If you are using Power BI, please clear the Power BI cache. The following article has step by step instruction for  How To Clear Cache Of Power BI Desktop .

2. Go to the directory where BI Connector is installed, typically:  C:/Program Files/BI Connector.

3.  Click on the short cut to Log Folder shortcut.

4. You will find two log files: BIConnector.log and BIConnectorcfg.log.  Rename these files as BIConnector_old.log and BIConnectorcfg_old.log

Note: If you are unable to remove/rename the log files, please follow the below steps:

4.1. Go to Start Menu and type "Services" in the search bar.

4.2. Open the "Services" application and you will find the "BI Connector service" as shown in the below screenshot:

4.3. Click on "Stop the service". Now you will be able to remove/rename the log files.

5.  Launch Tableau or Power BI or Qlik.

6.  Recreate the problem that you saw.

7.  Go to the directory where BI Connector is installed, typically:  C:/Program Files/BI Connector

8.  Double-click on the "Log Folder shortcut".

9.  You will find the two new log files: biconnector.log and biconnectorcfg.log.

Please upload/email the new log files to us.  We will investigate and get back to you shortly.