If you need to automate the installation of BI Connector to a number of desktops or servers,  then you can install BI Connector in a silent install mode using the following steps.

  1. Extract the BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-x64.exe
  2. BIConnector-setup-x64(X.X.X.XXXX).exe will be extracted. Please note that X.X.X.XXXX is the version number that is in the BI Connector file name. 
  3. To uninstall the old version, use the following command:  BIConnector-setup-x64(X.X.X.XXXX).exe -s -x -v"/qn"
  4. To install the new version, use the following command: BIConnector-setup-x64(X.X.X.XXXX).exe -s -v"/qn"
  5. Check C:/Program Files/ folder.  BI Connector will be installed.