BI Connector - Tableau Plugin - FAQs

Modified on Wed, 23 Jun 2021 at 06:17 AM

1. How to work with the BI Connector Plugin in Tableau?

  • Now you can access the BI Connector plugin in the Tableau Connector Gallery using this link. Please refer to this article to work with the BI Connector Plugin in Tableau.

2. Do we need to have the BI Connector installed to work with the Plugin?

  • Yes, the latest version of the BI connector needs to be installed to work with the plugin.

  • You can download and install the BI Connector driver using this download link.

  • Please refer to the BI Connector Installation Guide and User Guide for detailed instructions.

3. Would there be any impact on our current configurations if we start using the Plugin moving forward?

  • No, it will not affect any existing BI Connector configuration.

4. Can we use the Plugin with the existing OBIEE reports created with the older BI Connector? 

  • As mentioned by Tableau, we cannot directly use the existing OBIEE reports created using ODBC in the latest BI Connector Plugin. 

  • Alternatively, they provided the manual workaround for migration here.


5. Does the Plugin have both BI Connector Desktop & Server Editions?

  • Yes, the BI Connector plugin supports both Desktop and Server Edition.


6. Does the Plugin have additional features that are not available in the BI Connector via ODBC Connection?

  • BI Connector plugin has more enhancements like TOP filter support.


If you have any questions or issues, we are just a click away. Contact us at or file a ticket at the support portal.