What are the maximum rows of data and fields that the BI Connector can handle?

Modified on Mon, 04 Mar 2019 at 11:27 AM

BI connector’s capability is directly dependent on your OBIEE and Tableau, Power BI or Qliksense environments. BI Connector is a tool to visualize (and/or extract) reasonable data volume from reports which perform well in OBIEE.  BI Connector is not built to be a ETL tool like Informatica to extract and move large amounts of data from 1 database to another.  

BI Connector is ideally suited for visualizing 50,000 rows of OBIEE data with 25 fields or less.  This sizing is recommended based on typical OBIEE environments.  We have seen that many OBIEE environments are not optimized for exporting large number of fields and rows in a single query.   There are either OBIEE time-out issues or memory constraints in OBIEE or resource/network constraints in Tableau/Power BI/Qlik environments.  Therefore, we recommend using the default BI Connector setting of 25 fields with 50,000 rows of data.   

To visualize a large volume of OBIEE data in your visualization tool, it is best to work with your OBIEE team architects to design the extract and dashboard such that the large extracts are broken down to smaller reasonable extracts/queries. This will ensure your report/dashboard works consistently in your OBIEE production environment.  

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