How to Configure Scheduled Refresh in Power BI Report Server?

Modified on Wed, 20 May 2020 at 06:09 AM

Please follow the below steps for configuring Scheduled Refresh in Power BI Report Server:

  1. Open the Power BI Report Server.
  2. Navigate to the Report for which you want to execute scheduled refresh.
  3. Click the menu of that report as mentioned in the below screenshot, and choose Manage.
    Manage Report
  4. In the subsequent screen's left pane menu, choose Data Sources, and navigate to the credentials section to verify if the credentials are entered.
    Credentials entry verification
  5. If the credentials are already saved, then go to the next step. If not, please enter the same and click Save.
    Enter credentials and saveNote: This step is essential if the report was directly uploaded to the report server, instead of saving it directly from Power BI Desktop (Optimized for report server).
  6. In the left pane menu, choose Scheduled refresh. This screen shows the list of existing Refresh Schedules (if any) for the report. For setting up a new schedule, click New scheduled refresh plan.
  7. In the next screen that comes up, enter a description, and choose the type of schedule (Shared or Report-Specific) as per your need.
    Note: If you choose report-specific schedule, then click the "Edit Schedule" at the side of that option to setup the schedule as per your need, and click Apply.
  8. After setting up the report-specific schedule or choosing the shared schedule as per your need, click the Create Scheduled refresh plan button.

  9. Now the new Scheduled Refresh plan shows up along with the existing ones (if any).

Now you have successfully configured the Scheduled Refresh for your Report in Power BI Report Server.

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