How to diagnose test connection failures with OBIEE in BI Connector?

Modified on Wed, 11 Dec 2019 at 06:26 AM

We at BI Connector are consistently improving the product, and adding new features based on user's needs and wants with just one goal - enable hassle-free visualization of OBIEE data for the users. 

From BI Connector v4.7 and above, the users would have the option to diagnose the failures in test connection with OBIEE.

All they need to do when encountering a failure is just to click the Run Diagnostics button. This diagnostics will either auto-fix the issues in some cases, or display a message with the solution to proceed further.

The diagnostics identifies the problem if the failure is due to any of the following causes -

1. Wrong credentialsWhen the username and password of OBIEE are incorrect, the diagnostics displays a message citing the wrong credentials.

2. Default Web services enabled in OBIEE - When the Default Single Sign-On is enabled in OBIEE, the Single Sign-On requires to be enabled as ‘Default’ in BI Connector for connecting to the OBIEE. If not, the diagnostics displays a message to enable it, and re-attempts the connection.

3. When the OBIEE Server is down - When the OBIEE Server is not accessible or is down due to some network connectivity issues, the diagnostics will detect the issue and will display a message as highlighted in the below screenshot.

4. Web services disabled in OBIEE - When the web services are disabled in OBIEE, the diagnostics will attempt to connect to the web services and if unable, will display the message as highlighted in the below screenshot.

5. OBIEE environment has a Single Sign-On - When the OBIEE Environment has a Single-Sign On enabled, the diagnostics will try to connect to the provided URL and if the URL seems to be an SSO URL, it will display a message as highlighted in the below screenshot.

General Note:

After fixing the test connection issues, the user can click on the Apply Settings button to retain the changes made to fix the errors identified during the Connection Diagnostics. This will reflect the changes in the 'Configure a Data Source' window, and help the user to avoid duplicated efforts to make these changes again in configuring the data source.

For example, if the user has entered an incorrect password, they will be prompted to correct the credentials. Once done, they can re-run the diagnostics to check if it is valid. If the connection is successful, the user can click on ‘Apply Settings’ to update the changed password in the Configure a Data Source window. 

If the test connection issue isn't fixed yet, just click the Open Log Folder link will open the folder containing the log files of BI Connector. Send the files to The team will analyze the logs and contact you within 24 hours.