When you trying to connect Power BI On-premises data gateway with BI Connector. If the BI Connector not listed in Custom data Connectors, Please follow the below article. 


  1. Install BI Connector Server Edition for Microsoft PowerBI. (Step-by-Step Installation Guide for BI Connector Server Edition for Microsoft PowerBI)

Click Custom data connector browse button

Goto the 'Connectors' option and click the browse button highlighted in the below screenshot.

Navigate to powerbi folder

Navigate to the 'BI Connector' installation path(This PC -> Program Files -> BI Connector), then select the 'powerbi' folder and click 'Ok'. 

Then click 'Apply' button.

Check if BI Connector show up

Now check the 'BI Connector' show up in On-premises data gateway like below screenshot. 

If you have any questions or issues, we are just a click away.  Contact us at support@biconnector.com or file a ticket at support portal.