How to set the query limit for BI Connector?

Modified on Mon, 11 Jun 2018 at 03:21 AM

If your OBIEE server has reports/tables with a large dataset and fetching such large number of records from OBIEE into Tableau or Power BI or Qlik causes overload to your server,  there are 2 ways to limit the number of records to fetch using BI Connector.

  1. User query limits
  2. OBIEE query limits

User Query Limits

Every user can increase/decrease their query limits based on the number of records to work with or faster retrieval of data with minimal records.

To make these changes refer to the steps in this article.

OBIEE Query Limits

Besides the User query limits,OBIEE Admin can define their limits based on the configuration and performance of the OBIEE Server. This take higher precedence than User Query Limits.

OBIEE Admin has to set the session variables and their value in OBIEE Server in the same name as below:



Note: If both user query limit (BI Connector) and OBIEE query limit (OBIEE) is set as proposed above the values are compared internally and the minimum value is chosen.