What Oracle BI Authentications Does the BI Connector Support?

Modified on Thu, 13 Jun at 9:46 PM

BI Connector helps users to connect Power BI and Tableau to Oracle BI Platforms, including the Oracle Fusion Analytics/OTBI, OAC, OAS and OBIEE.

To establish the connection from Power BI or Tableau to Oracle BI, the BI Connector prompts the users to enter their Oracle BI credentials. In this article, we'll see the Oracle BI authentications that BI Connector supports.

Below is the list of BI Connector supported authentications for Oracle BI:

  1. The default Oracle BI user authentications when there is no SSO involved.

  2. The Oracle Service Accounts having a basic authentication (with the Chooser Login enabled for Oracle Fusion Cloud applications). This option is mainly used for Oracle instances having an user authentication that involves an SSO with MFA.

  3. SSO authentications when there is no MFA involved. In this case, the BI Connector team would replicate your Oracle BI SSO in the BI Connector setup as a one-time service at no additional cost.