Following is a general tutorial for connecting from Power BI to OBIEE Reports with Direct Query using BI Connector Desktop Edition



Connecting from Power BI to OBIEE Reports

Step 1: Launch Power BI. Select Get Data option.

Alternately, You can select Get Data Option ,

 Step 2: In the Get Data dialog, scroll down and select BI Connector.

Step 3: Click Connect and BI Connector dialog pops up.

Step 4: Next, enter server information,

  • Enter the server name for your OBIEE instance with the port.
  • Ex:
  • In Features drop down box, select Reports.
  • In SSO drop down box, 
    • Select Default option if you want to connect to OBIEE's default SSO option or,
    • Select None if you want to connect to OBIEE without SSO.

  • In Enter Subject Area name or Report/Folder path text box, enter the full path of the report or the full path of the folder to search for. 


  • Please make sure not to insert a Forward slash at the end.
  • If there is any '/' in the folder or report name, prefix it with '\' to differentiate it from folder hierarchy. Example: /shared/Northwind/Union of Europe and USA orders\/
  • When you enter the folder path to add to the cache, BI Connector will load every report under that Folder and its subfolder. So it is advisable to add Folders with less number of reports and subfolders. 

  • Select Direct Query radio button.
  • Click OK Button.

Step 5: Click on the Database name to connect to the required database.

Step 6: On Successful Connection, a Report will be displayed if you provide a path of a particular report or a list of Reports will be displayed if you provide a path of the folder. Select the Report from the list. Also

Step 7: The list of Reports will be displayed just like a Table. Select a report and click on load.

step 8:Drag and drop or select one or more fields to the join area.

Step 9: Choose the desired visualization and you have now successfully created your first Power BI Visualization for OBIEE reports data.

If you have any questions or issues creating a report, we are just a click away.  Contact us at or file a ticket at support portal.