Following is a general tutorial for connecting from Power BI to OBIEE Reports with Direct Query using BI Connector Desktop Edition



Connecting from Power BI to OBIEE Reports

Step 1: Launch Power BI. Select Get Data option.

Alternately, You can select Get Data Option ,

 Step 2: In the Get Data dialog, scroll down and select BI Connector.

Step 3: Click Connect and BI Connector dialog pops up.

Step 4: Next, enter server information,

  • Enter the server name for your OBIEE instance with port.
  • Ex:
  • In Features drop down box, select Reports.
  • In SSO drop down box, 
    • Select Default option if you want to connect to OBIEE's default SSO option or,
    • Select None if you want to connect to OBIEE without SSO.

  • In Subject Area/Report's Name text box, 
    • Enter the partial or full name of the report to search for. Enter multiple report names separated by commas to search for multiple reports.
  • Select Direct Query radio button.
  • Click OK Button.

Step 5: Click on the Database name to connect to the required database.

Step 6: On Successful Connection, the list of Reports will be displayed. Select the Report from the list .

step 7: The list of Reports will be displayed just like a Table. Select a report and click on load.

step 8:Drag and drop or select one or more fields to the join area.

Step 9: Choose the desired visualization and you have now successfully created your first Power BI Visualization for OBIEE reports data.

If you have any questions or issues creating a report, we are just a click away.  Contact us at or file a ticket at support portal.