How is BI Connector different from Native ODBC Driver for connecting Tableau to Oracle BI?

Modified on Tue, 19 Jul 2016 at 04:45 AM

There are four significant technical, cost saving, and time saving differences between BI Connector and native ODBC driver.  They are:

  1. BI Connector enables Tableau users to connect to OBIEE without any changes in OBIEE while native ODBC driver requires extensive changes in your OBIEE.   BI Connector saves significant development and cost for the customers.
  2. BI Connector is simple to install and provides reliable connectivity to OBIEE from Tableau.  Native ODBC driver is unreliable, difficult to install and maintain, requires additional technical configuration, and still might not work.
  3. BI Connector provides seamless integration to OBIEE 10g, OBIEE 11g, and OBIEE 12c with a single installation.  Native ODBC driver requires different versions for each version of OBIEE making it complex to install and manage.
  4. BI Connector has performance optimizations for connecting Tableau to OBIEE while native ODBC driver is not optimized for performance.  

To learn more about these four reasons, please refer to our blog article: How does BI Connector compare to native ODBC driver?