How to Get IT Approval Quickly for Downloading BI Connector?

Modified on Mon, 10 Jul 2023 at 10:59 AM

Some companies have stringent security policies that don't allow users to download software to their machines.

As BI Connector is a downloadable software, the users in such companies go through the IT approval process for downloading BI Connector.

In this article, we've shared some ways to quickly get IT approval and start using BI Connector.

  1. Download and install the MSI package

    When you download BI Connector, you get the EXE package by default. As some companies don't allow users to download EXE packages, you may want to try downloading the MSI package.

    You may please try downloading the MSI package for Power BI from here, and for Tableau from here. If the MSI package downloads successfully, you should be able to install and use BI Connector successfully.

  2. Show Connector's credibility to IT Team
    If your IT has blocked downloading or using the MSI packages also, please show the BI Connector's credibility to your IT team. The connector is used and trusted by customers listed here.

    The same link also has a couple of case studies to show how BI Connector helped those companies to shorten the time to analytics, and reap huge cost and time savings. 

    This customer list in the past has helped several IT teams recognize BI Connector is a trusted software, and approve it for use in their respective organizations.

  3. Show the below resources with answers to IT's critical questions
    The IT teams wants to ensure the product they approve is safe to use. BI Connector answers the critical questions that IT's have in the resources listed below.

    Power BI:
    BI Connector Security Overview for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE (or OAC, OAS, OTBI)
    Power BI OBIEE Connector's Reference Architecture

    Connect Tableau to OBIEE (or OAC, OAS, OTBI) Securely Using BI Connector 

    And there are plenty of resources here and here for both IT teams and users!

  4. Get the BI Connector Team answer IT Team's questions
    If the IT teams need additional info to approve BI Connector, please share this link with your IT team to book a call at their convenience, and get their queries clarified directly by the BI Connector Team!

    In the call, the IT Team will not only watch BI Connector in action, but also get their queries clarified, in order to approve BI Connector as a trusted software in your company.