How to do Upgrade Installation of BI Connector?

Modified on Sun, 08 Mar 2020 at 11:50 PM

From the BI Connector v4.10 and above, we can do upgrade installation of the latest version of BI Connector without having to manually uninstall the existing version.

The upgrade is a hassle-free installation, as you will not need to close the Desktop/Server services that were connected to BI Connector earlier.

BI Connector Upgrade Installation Support

Installed BI Connector versionBI Connector version to be upgradedUpgrade Support
4.9 or below4.10.0 or above
  • Uninstall current version manually
  • Install new version
4.10.0 or above4.10.1 or above
  • Directly install the new version without uninstalling manually

Steps for Installation

Below are the steps to follow for installing a version newer than 4.10. These steps are applicable when the existing version is 4.10 or above.

For example purpose, we've provided the steps for installing the BI Connector Desktop Edition for Tableau. The same steps can be followed for Power BI or Qlik too, and for their respective server editions as well.

Step 1: Download

Download the latest version of BI Connector Desktop Edition from here

Step 2: Extract


Once the download is complete, 

  • Open BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-x64-Tableau.exe file which is a compressed file.  
  • Extract the file by double-clicking on it.  
  • The following 3 files will be extracted from the zip file. 
  1. BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-x64-Tableau(x.x.x.xxxx).exe
  2. BIConnector-Readmore-Tableau.txt 
  3. BIConnector-TrialLicenseKey-Tableau.txt

Step 3: Installation

Double click on BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-x64-Tableau(x.x.x.xxxx).exe. You will see the BI Connector Installer screen as shown below. 

BI Connector InstallShield Wizard

Click on Next in the screen below.  

BI Connector Installation

In the following screen, review and (1) Accept the license agreement. Click (2) Next

BI Connector License Agreement

In the next screen, note that BI Connector is installed in "C:\Program Files\BI Connector" folder by default. Click Install

Destination Folder

BI Connector is now installed in your PC. Verify that Launch ODBC Administrator is checked. Click Finish.   

Launch ODBC Administrator