How to generate Power BI Desktop traces?

Modified on Fri, 21 Feb 2020 at 02:54 AM

If you find any issues with Power BI Desktop in communicating with BI Connector, please follow the below steps to generate the Power BI Desktop traces for sending to the support team for analysis. 

Please follow the below steps to capture traces in Power BI Desktop:


  1. Open the Run command. (Run command can also be opened by pressing the Windows + R key). Type %localappdata%\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\Traces to open the Power BI traces folder. 
  2. Delete all the existing traces in the Traces folder, if exist. 
  3. Open Power BI Desktop. Go to File -> Options and settings -> Options
  4. In the displayed list of options, go to the Diagnostics tab. Select Enable tracing and click OK
  5. Reproduce the issue to generate the Power BI traces.
  6. Click on the Open crash dump/traces folder to open the folder containing the traces. 
  7. Zip up all the files in your Traces folder.
    Note: Please close the Power BI Desktop after reproducing the issue to avoid the following error while zipping up the traces. 

Note: Enable tracing option will be reset when the Power BI Desktop instance is closed. To enable tracing, the option needs to be manually set every time Power BI Desktop is opened.

Send all the collected log files to support@biconnector.comWe will analyze them and get back to you.