How to add Reports/Subject Areas in WhereExclusion list?

Modified on Thu, 18 Jul 2019 at 01:11 PM

When getting the column's metadata, for performance improvement we are adding 'WHERE 1=2' in the SQL query. Some specific OBIEE environment having the problem when returning the empty data. So with the 'WhereExclusion' list we can ignore adding the 'WHERE 1=2' in the query when getting the column's metadata for the specific Report/Subject Area. 

Adding Reports/Subject Areas in WhereExclusion List 

To add specific Reports/Subject Areas in the WhereExclusion list, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the BI Connector.config file under the "C:\ProgramData\Guidanz\BI Connector" path.

Step 2: On the first line of the "BI Connector.config" fileadd the "WhereExclusion=" keyword with the specific Subject Area name or Report name with the full path enclosed by double quotes. Please refer the following example, 

WhereExclusion="Northwind","/shared/BIConnector/European Orders","AdventureWorks"

Step 3: Save and close the "BI Connector.config" file. Example BI Connnector.config file look like this,

After following the above steps, when you are working with the Reports or Subject Areas that are added in the WhereExclusion list, the 'WHERE 1=2' will not be added in the query when getting that specific Reports/Subject Areas column's metadata information.   

Note: You can also add multiple Reports and Subject Areas in the WhereExclusion list by using comma(,).

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