If you are having trouble activating your BI Connector (either Desktop or Server Edition) due to a network issue such as Proxy authentication/firewall, you can request an offline license activation for BI Connector.  Here is how you can do offline activation:

Step 1: Search for ODBC on your Windows PC and it will bring up the ODBC Data Sources.

Step 2: Launch ODBC Data Sources (64-bit).

Step 3: Select the OBIEE DSN that you had configured earlier and click Configure to launch the BI Connector UI.

Step 4: In BI Connector UI, click on Activate License icon.

Step 5: Click Enable offline activation checkbox,

Step 6:  Click Generate offline activation file button, to generate the offlineActivation.json and save the file to the local machine.

Note: While saving the "offlineActivation.json" file, please do not overwrite the "BI Connector.config" file save it as a different file 

Step 7: Now go to https://biconnector.com/license-activation/. Upload the offlineActivation.json file from your local machine and click Activate.

Step 8: If offlineActivation.json file is valid, ResponseFile.json file will be generated.

Step 9: Now, in BI Connector: Activation License UI, Click Browse button to upload the ReponseFile.json file.

Step 10: Click Activate button to activate the license.