Following is a general tutorial for connecting from Power BI Desktop Edition to OBIEE Reports through BI Connector as ODBC connection.



Follow the Step-by-Step Installation Guide for BI Connector Desktop Edition for Microsoft Power BI to install and configure BI Connector on your PC.

Step 1: Launch Power BI. Select Get Data option.

Alternately, You can select Get Data Option,

 Step 2: In the Get Data dialog, scroll down and select ODBC.

Step 3: Now select the DSN name that you configured after installing BI Connector. Advanced Options are not necessary. 

NOTE: Create the DSN only under System DSN for connecting from PowerBI to BI Connector.

Click OK.

Step 4: Navigator window will open. Click on the Database name to connect to the required database.

Step 5: On Successful Connection, the list of Reports that you cached while managing the reports in the DSN  will be displayed. Select the required Report from the list.

Step 6: The list of Reports will be displayed just like a Table. Select a report and click on load.

Step 7: Drag and drop or select one or more fields to the join area.

Step 8: Choose the desired visualization and you have now successfully created your Power BI Visualization for OBIEE reports data.

Step 9: You will be asked to save the workbook locally. Enter the name for the workbook and save it.