There are two options in BI Connector dialog of PowerBI for loading OBIEE reports either from cache memory (Cache option) or directly from OBIEE server (Reload option).

Note : As we are working on performance related issues in reload option (as in below image), it is suggested to use cache option.

Workaround to get the updated OBIEE reports, without using 'Reload option

Step 1 : Go to : C:\ProgramData\Guidanz\BI Connector

Step 2 : Delete the old cache files by deleting the 'cache' folder.

Step 3 : Now open BI Connector in PowerBI.

Step 4 : Select the cache option in BI Connector dialog.

Step 5 : As there are no reports in cache, all the reports will be loaded from OBIEE server along with the latest updates.

If you have any questions or issues in loading a report, we are just a click away.  Contact us at or file a ticket at support portal.