BI Connector - Desktop Edition allows you to connect Tableau Desktop to MicroStrategy Reports and create intuitive visualizations in minutes.  

For connecting  to MicroStrategy, we use BI Connector as Web Data Connector (WDC) from Tableau.   BI connector makes it easy to connect to your existing reports in MicroStrategy and allows you to input the prompts for the reports from within BI connector.  This helps user to create Tableau visualizations and save time by reusing all the prompts and metadata already defined in MicroStrategy.  The significant advantage is that you do not require any changes in MicroStrategy.  

The following is a general tutorial for installing and configuring BI Connector Desktop Edition for MicroStrategy Reports in a Windows PC.   


BI Connector Desktop Edition has the following pre-requisites:

  • OS: Windows Operating System - 64 bit.
  • Tableau: Tableau Desktop Edition - 64 bit.
  • Administrator Privilege: Windows Administrator privilege for your PC to install BI Connector.  If you do not have the privilege to install software on your PC, then please contact your IT to help install BI Connector in your desktop.  
  • Internet Access: Internet access for online license activation.  

          Note:  If you do not have internet access or if you have proxy/firewall blocking access, then you can contact us at or file a ticket at support portal to activate the license offline.

Step 1 : Download

Download the latest version of BI Connector Desktop Edition.

Step 2 : Uninstall BI Connector

If you have already installed any older versions of BI Connector on your PC, uninstall it by following the below steps.

  1. Close Tableau Desktop.
  2. Uninstall the existing BI Connector

              In your PC —> Go to Control Panel , Programs / Software , Uninstall BI Connector.

Step 3 : Extract


Once the download is completed, Open BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-beta-x64.exe or BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-x64.exe file which is a compressed file.  The file name depends on whether you downloaded the beta version or the production version.  You can extract the file by double clicking on it or by using 7-zip (a zip file extractor). The following 3 files will be extracted from the zip file. 

  1. BIConnector-setup-x64(x.x.x.xxxx)
  2. BIConnector-Readmore.txt 
  3. BIConnector-TrialLicenseKey.txt

Step 4 : Installation

Double click on BIConnector-setup-x64(x.x.x.xxxx).exe. You will see the BI Connector Installer screen as shown below. 

Click on Next in the screen below. 

BI Connector Installer screen 1

In the following screen, review and (1) accept the license agreement.  Click (2) Next.

BI Connector Installer Screen

In the next screen, note that BI Connector is installed in C:\Program Files\BI Connector folder by default. Click Install.

BI Connector Installer

BI Connector is now installed in your PC. You can uncheck "Launch ODBC Administrator" checkbox as this option is not needed for using BI Connector as Web Data Connector.  Click Finish.  

You are now ready to configure BI Connector.  

Step 5 : Configuration of IP and Port number for BI Connector WDC Server 

To configure, host name and port number of BI Connector WDC server, navigate to "C:\ProgramData\Guidanz\BI Connector\BI Connector.config".

By default, BI Connector Web Data Connector server will take localhost as host name (1) and 9000 as port number (2). 

If you would like to use different host name or different port number, you can change it respectively.

For example, 

Congratulations! You are now ready to connect from Tableau Desktop to MicroStrategy Server.   

Now proceed to Step-by-Step User Guide for Connecting from Tableau to MicroStrategy Reports.