Test Connection does not work in Tableau Server for OBIEE data source

Modified on Thu, 23 Feb 2017 at 10:16 AM

If you press the Test Connection for a OBIEE data source (with BI connector)  and nothing happens, please verify the following:

1.  Review and confirm if you have configured BI connector in the Tableau Server as mentioned in this support article:

Tableau Server: Unable to publish and view the worksheet, I see a spinning wheel.

2.  If BI connector is activated correctly in the server (as per #1 above), then it is ok if you are not able to test connection in Tableau Server.  Please proceed to create a workbook in the server using the <chart icon>+ next to the data source name header.  Please verify if you are able to create a workbook using the data source.  

If both the above steps do not help resolve your issue, please contact us at support@biconnector.com to schedule a web conference session to help you get past this issue.