How to upgrade to (uninstall older version and install) a new version of BI Connector

Modified on Thu, 13 Jun 2019 at 02:55 AM

BI Connector follows an agile development model.   Therefore, we make frequent releases of BI Connector loaded with new features, bug fixes etc.  Please follow the following steps if you already have an existing release of BI Connector on your PC or Server, and would like to update to the latest version (including the Subject Area + Reports connector).  

1.  Close Tableau or Power BI.

2.  Uninstall the existing BI Connector

     In your PC —> Go to Control Panel , Programs / Software , Uninstall BI Connector. 

3.  Download:

  • For Tableau to OBIEE connector (or) Power BI to OBIEE connector (or) Qlik Sense to OBIEE connector download the latest release from BI Connector website Free Trial link.  

4.  Install BI Connector on your PC/Server by referring to Installation Guide.

5.  If you are using BI Connector as ODBC Connection, verify if the OBIEE-ODBC DSN that you created earlier exists.  If not, recreate a new DSN for your OBIEE connection using ODBC Data Sources.   

  • To configure the DSN for OBIEE Subject Area, use the User Guide for connecting to OBIEE Subject Area. 
  • If you are looking to create a new DSN for OBIEE reports, please follow the steps in this article.
6.  Now, start using BI Connector by following the steps in the User Guide.